Compression Sleeves and Improved Endurance for Basketball

Compression Sleeves and Improved Endurance for Basketball

Basketball is fun to watch and demanding to play

Think about it. Constant sprinting, pivoting, shooting, and jumping can exhaust even the best-trained players. Skipping a warmup, lack of oxygen and poor circulation can all be factors that contribute to increased fatigue on the court.

Instead of pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, planning ahead and incorporation compression into your game can help your muscles perform longer and regenerate faster!

The power of compression

Bauerfeind Sports compression sleeves for the arms, knees, calves and thighs are designed with therapeutic compression (20-30 mmHg compression level), which gradually decreases as it goes toward the body.

This clinically proven design helps promote circulation and allows muscles to receive an increased supply of oxygen to help them perform more effectively and regenerate quicker. Blood circulation is effectively stimulated, which warms the muscles to help protect against injury. Unpleasant muscle vibrations are reduced, this increases your stamina and overall muscle function.

Ultimate comfort

Bauerfeind Sports compression sleeves are made with a 3D airknit technology. Compressive knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up. The high-tech microfibre material keeps muscles warm but is still breathable on the skin for unparalleled comfort.

No slipping for no distractions

The middle of a basketball game is the last place that you need to be worried about your gear slipping and sliding off. Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves are durable, toxic-free and made of high quality materials. The sleeves are created with integrated, skin-friendly silicone bands on the upper edging for secure fit and precision with every movement. 

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