Knee strap in a colour combination of blue and grey and is worn on the right knee. It is considered one of Bauerfeind Australia's best recovery knee straps, GenuPoint Knee Strap.
Genu Point Knee Strap
Genu Point Knee Strap

Genu Point Knee Strap

The Bauerfeind GenuPoint knee strap supports and guides the patellar tendon during loading. For kneecap support with targeted pressure points, shop the GenuPoint knee strap. Best for treating runners knee, jumpers knee and ACL injury.


The GenuPoint provides targeted pain relief to the patella tendon, which is located just below the kneecap. 

Worn directly below the kneecap, this support is contoured to provide comfort and does not restrict mobility of the knee joint. The GenuPoint features a thin massaging gel pad which consists of 4 pressure points. These pressure points target the patella tendon, helping to soothe the area and relieve pain during movement.

The GenuPoint features a velcro fastening strap which allows targeted pressure and pain relief to be adjusted to the individual’s needs.