A grey and white colour elbow brace. It is considered one of Bauerfeind Australia's best recovery elbow straps, Epipoint Elbow Strap.
EpiPoint Elbow Strap
EpiPoint Elbow Strap
EpiPoint Elbow Strap

EpiPoint Elbow Strap

The Bauerfeind EpiPoint Elbow Strap relieves tendon pain such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow or arthritis. For elbow support and pain relief, shop the EpiPoint Elbow Strap. One Size Fits All.

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The EpiPoint elbow strap has been engineered for targeted relief of the elbow tendon.

The support fastens around the forearm with an adjustable band that lets you set the level of compression. This encourages oxygen and nutrients within the lower arm for healing and pain relief.

The EpiPoint elbow strap has an integrated elastic cushion that relieves pressure on the tendons at precisely the right points.

Ideal for the relief of tennis and golfer’s elbow, and relapse prevention. For severe and chronic elbow pain we recommend the EpiTrain elbow brace.