Cycling VS Running - Which should be your spring activity?

Cycling VS Running - Which should be your spring activity?

Spring's coming: get outside!

Although the cooler weather may still have some of us in hibernation mode: soon enough the sun will shine through and spring will come! Some might take the time to enjoy the warmer weather with a long walk outside, a little hike or simply sitting outside on the veranda. If you’re the type who’s excited for bit of a bigger physical challenge you may be beginning to ask yourself: cycling or running – which is the better exercise choice?

In order to decide between these two “classics spring activities” we will take a look at which one is better for achieving certain goals, which is suitable for different types of people and why combining the two is, in fact, the best choice. Let’s get into it!


Cycling vs Running: which burns calories faster?

A very common question in the minds of those looking to get in shape this spring is how many calories they can burn with a certain activity. Before comparing the two it is important to keep in mind that there is no definite answer. The amount of calories depends on various factors, such as training intensity, terrain, and personal specs like your gender, age, and body weight.
However, there is a general finding: due to the fact that you are using many more muscles while running, you will burn more calories within the same time compared to cycling.

At an average speed of ten kilometers per hours (which equals a pace of six minutes per kilometer), a male runner of 80 kilos will burn about 850 kilocalories an hour. The faster he runs the more calories he will burn!
Just for comparison: you would have to bike at an average of 20 km/h to burn at least 600 kilocalories. In addition, you can get more results from your runs if you intersperse the training with some climbs and sprints!

Cycling vs Running: which is more joint-friendly?

Despite the fact that you can burn more calories while running, doctors and physiotherapists will usually advise sports beginners to go cycling rather than for a run. There is a simple reason for this: the constant strain on the joints from the exercise will be much lower on a bicycle.
This is due to the fact that more than half of the body’s weight is carried by the seat while cycling, thus reducing the impact absorbed by your joints. This makes cycling one of the most joint-friendly sports of all, you can still build muscles while reducing stress! Cycling is an ideal alternative to joint stressing activities like running or stop and go sports.

Cycling or running? Both!

Although both cycling and running each have different benefits, incorporating both forms of cardio into your regular training routines can be the best decision of all! After long runs your body is under stress and needs time to regenerate your muscles and joints. By swapping out some of your runs with a bike ride you will be able to give your joints a break while still maintaining a good physical condition. Incorporating some lighter physical activity to your routine can steadily increase your metabolism which will aid in overall recovery!

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