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Our Product Lines: Medical vs Sports

Both lines offer medical-grade compression and will have the same medical benefits of increased healing bloodflow, stability and proprioception. Sports Supports are ideal for shorter bursts of intense activity (like a workout or a basketball game), whereas Medical Supports are softer and more comfortable for all-day wear. Sports Supports are great for injury prevention, but if you already have an injury you're trying to recover from, we’d recommend going with the Medical Supports.

Medical Line

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For over 90 years, Bauerfeind has combined cutting-edge engineering and technology with the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards. Our Medical Line braces, supports and compression products provide relief from pain and swelling while stimulating the body’s natural healing processes through medical-grade compression and massage. The result: better blood flow, proprioception and confidence while you recover and avoid further injury.

Sports Line

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The Bauerfeind Sports Line is a new collection of braces, supports and compression products designed with the athlete in mind. Each product is made with a unique 3D AirKnit material, which is 30% lighter, more breathable and moisture-wicking than our original Medical line. Bauerfeind Sports products also incorporate new “gripping zones” to help the support stay in place during bursts of movement and activity.


Our supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic supports help you to maintain and regain health, increase well being and ensure greater quality of life. Tradition of excellence and unrivaled commitment to quality are the driving forces behind everything Bauerfeind does.


Bauerfeind's products are made with all people in mind. Our many years of experience and the knowledge gained from supplying athletes and consumers alike is incorporated into the ongoing development of our products.


At Bauerfeind, motion is life. We are actively committed to supporting athletes in popular and professional sports. As one of Germany's co-partners, the company has been an official supplier to the German Olympic teams since 2001 and offers athletes an orthopedic supply service both during and between the Olympic Games.

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