Ski Compression Socks

The Ski Performance and Ski Ultralight Socks from Bauerfeind Sports

Make Your Own Track

Snow is your favourite element, steep slopes are the stuff of your dreams which you fulfil by zooming down the valley with skis on your feet: our ski socks will be your best friend under your ski suit.

Get on your way with socks for more performance, stability, and comfort on all your tracks – and make your winter dreams come true.


Two versions, one promise: even more power on the your run

Ski Performance Compression

Upgrading Performance

Down into the valley without compromise: our Performance Socks reduce annoying muscle vibrations with their muscle-specific compression. Thanks to the Shin and Calf Protection functional zones, your lower leg is comfortably padded – and you can really get stuck into your ski experience.

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Ski Ultralight Compression

Ultralight Race Control

More control over the skis, more power for the calves: the Ultralight Socks are sure to give as much feedback as possible in the ski shoe thanks to their particularly thin knit. The calves are given a boost of power from the medical compression – and you can enjoy your descent for even longer.

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A really cool duo: that’s why you’re going to love our ski socks

Everyday life can get pretty grey and dreary in the fall. But help is on the way! In the form of stunning Alpine peaks under blue skies, powdery snow, breaks in mountain lodges with fantastic views and, of course, sliding down the valley on skis or a snowboard.

If you love the action on the piste and the particularly long runs are a welcome challenge for you, our new ski socks will be your perfect companion on your next winter excursion in the mountains!

Our Ski Performance Compression Socks offer more endurance, more strength, and less stress on your legs. Thanks to muscle-specific compression, you can actively get the most out of your piste performance until the very last turn. Calf and Shin Protection cushion your calves and shin bone, ensuring you can be safely and comfortably on the move in the snow for a long time.

The Ski Ultralight Compression Socks are our experts in optimum ski (shoe) control and give you maximum feedback for your feet in the ski shoe. The medical compression vitalizes your calf muscles. The extra thin hi-tech microfiber knit also counteracts muscle cramps.

The snow is calling, don’t leave it waiting!


Ski socks that make your winter dream come true