Pink Power For Your Sport

Nov 04, 2021

Boost your performance with sports braces and compression sleeves

You are more than meets the eye. Let it out! Your performance is strong, your look is state-of-the-art. You wear functional design when using the new sportswear from Bauerfeind. For your favourite sport – no matter if at the gym, while running in the park or at team sports.

Pink is expression, pink is attitude, pink is power!

Quite your thing!

Pink up your style

Seeing life through rose-coloured glasses? Pink is more than a colour, it is an attitude to life. You set your tone with style and design. Every moment belongs to you.

Pink up your performance

You wanna win? Sure! More endurance and a better performance through medical-grade compression. More stability and power with the latest technology. It is your sport, it is your performance.

Pink up your standards

What matters to you? Stylish and modern outfits, reliability and supreme quality Made in Germany. Unique in style, functional in motion!


Anna and Lisa Hahner, Germany’s fastest marathon twins

We all have more power than we think. Power means both – having strong legs and a strong will. The will to give anything and to have fun moving your own boundaries.