Outdoor Compression Socks

The Outdoor Compression Socks with Revolutionary Functional Zones from Bauerfeind Sports

Step Into Adventure!

Steep paths, rugged cliffs and rocky forest trails are mainly one thing for you: a great challenge. You are the opposite of the couch potato, you can never sit still for long, and you want to be outdoors as much as possible. And you want to discover your surroundings, completely without a guide, just you.

Our brand new hiking socks are your companions on all these beautiful winding paths. They will provide support where you need it and power so that “as far as your feet will carry you” is even further from now on.


Two colours, two designs and improved protection on your hikes

Mid Cut

Protect Your Steps

Stable progress, even on rough terrain: thanks to their Infinity Zone, these Mid Cut Socks provide you with stability with every step. And your heels, foot arches and toes are also more comfortable, owing to special functional zones, particularly on long trips.

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Go Further

Onward and upward! Thanks to the Targeted Compression Zone with muscle-specific compression, you can delay your break until the next summit. The functional zone for your calves frees up energy reserves and the Instep Comfort Zone relieves pressure from the shoe on your instep.

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Beautiful and clever: why our hiking socks should be your companion on every trip

When you hear the call of the mountain, you feel the wanderlust, or adventure awaits you, you want to be perfectly prepared and leave nothing to chance. An entire industry has specialized in equipping people like you with suitable clothing and special gear. People who feel at home outdoors and for whom every unknown path, hill or forest is an exciting new challenge.

Suitable footwear is a matter of course for your adventure, but hiking socks, in particular, can make a difference when you walk across roots, rocks and meadows in your shoes: powerful legs and well-cushioned feet will take you to your destination.

The socks that give you the confidence to reach your goal

Our Outdoor Performance Socks have been designed so you can reach your destination, no matter how rocky or tough the path may be.

With their Infinity Zone, the Mid Cut Socks provide support and stability on any terrain, relieve pressure from your hiking boot on your instep and reduce strain on the sole of your foot and heel. You can go over rough and smooth – or across whatever surface your adventure and your curiosity will lead you.

The Compression Socks give your calves an energy boost. Enjoy the silence, experience the view – and have a look what’s waiting for you behind the next mountain.


Reach your peak